A downloadable game

Explore the relationship between Aspher Tempus and Mira Sanctus as you explore the memories of the past. All placed in a single level, you will be able to explore the story between the two characters. You have 10 minutes to explore the memories and understand what happened between the two characters in the game and discover what you yourself are doing there.

Big thanks to our Animation crew for the assets:

Toni-Louise Giacopelli: https://tonigiacopelli.wordpress.com/portfolio/

Cate Garrett: http://beyancat.com/

Another Big thanks to our Audio guy for setting up and editing our Voice recording:

Patrick Dillion: https://www.facebook.com/PatrickDillonAudio/?__mre...

Install instructions

Extract the "TempusGame" file from the zip, open the folder up and open up the .exe. Play at 1920×1080 with headphones for the best and intended experience.


Tempus.zip (62 MB)


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